• Every Tool’s a Hammer

  • Trying to improve how I self-organise

    Starting my own personal projects has meant trying to find a different way to manage and prioritise my work, mostly because I’m not constrained in the same way in my own work as I am in my day job. During my day job those constraints tend to be things like time, budget, opportunity cost, corporate relationships and other business-y goals but personally I have the luxury of avoiding almost all of those, which is making it difficult to fit my personal projects in to any of the ways I’m proficient in project management.

  • The Killing Floor

    A change in tone for me, this book. I fancied something a little different and this definitely scratched that itch. A little brutal and bloody towards the end, but brief descriptive stanzas are a great form of writing and well suited to the Jack Reacher character.

  • Foundation

    I really enjoy reading older sci-fi, there’s a very romantic language used in the way authors from the earlier part of the 20th century wrote, a very optimistic foresight which makes their stories much deeper than some modern sci-fi can. Foundation was a little heavy on the politics in some places, but overall I loved […]

  • Caffeine

    Available via Audible only, this was a pretty interesting listen. Michael Pollan has a fantastic view of the world and his ability to put any preconceived ideas aside and really get under the skin of a topic really does wonders for this book. I do wish he had gone in to more detail on the […]