Suddenly getting a 500 error trying to access Gmail.

Such a sweet sight.

Waiting for a BT engineer to arrive and connect your new fibre line is a sure fire way to extend your life by several hundred years.

OK, maybe not that much… my impatience is certainly showing!

Finally getting 300Mb fibre installed tomorrow, I am beyond excited.


My wife reviews and discusses cannabis products and recently won a giveaway from a luxury CBD brand. If you’ve never tried CBD products they’re well worth a try - for a variety of reasons - check out her blog to learn more.

Don’t mind me, just getting my 6 year old to help me with a mission in Spider-Man I’ve but stuck on for ages.

Our cats have learned to open cupboards and drawers in the kitchen and it’s becoming an absolute nightmare.

I’ve been using my standing desk for 4 days now and noticed that my Apple Watch isn’t properly tracking my standing hours. I’ve never quite understand why it only tracks consecutive minutes in an hour rather than total minutes stood throughout the entire day, either.

Having spent the afternoon at my new standing desk it has already become clearly how sorely needed this change was and how much I’ll benefit - even just in the short term.

Finally picked up my standing desk from the office this morning. Well, not a desk as such, it’s a raising platform to sit on top of my normal desk. Can’t wait to see how this improves my posture and back pain.

Excited to try this.

Getting fibre to the premises installed on Monday, absolutely can’t wait to get that sweet 300Mb connection up and running.

COVID test result came back negative!

Just tried to change my car insurance for a cheaper policy to find the new provider doesn’t support @monzo due to “their direct debit policy”, never heard that before.

Well I had my COVID test this morning. I did it myself from the car which was a super weird experience. Everyone who was working at the drive-in test site was really lovely and very helpful. Should hear back in the next 48 hours. Hoping for the best.

I’m in to day 4 of my headache and woken up not really being able to taste much. Off to get a COVID test this morning, but hoping I’m just being melodramatic to the symptoms of a cold.

I’ve had a headache for two days now, should I be concerned?

Here is ‘Seed’.

Today we visited The Eden Project, a beautiful place. This is an unedited shot I took on the way to see an art installation called ‘Seed’.

Two daytripping to Cornwall for a weekend by the sea.

Currently reading: Dune by Frank Herbert 📚

peace 🏃‍♂️

A nice short ride this morning 🚴‍♂️


It is absolutely sweltering out there today. 🏃‍♂️