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Australia - One step closer

16 May 2012

We’re not quite there yet… We’ve still a long list of tasks to accomplish before we officially move, but nonetheless as of today, we’re one step closer to our move! First thing this morning, I finally, officially, submitted our VISA application! It’s taken quite some time to get this far, as we’re a “De Facto” couple, the amount of evidence we need to supply is utterly endless. It’s been a strain to be perfectly honest, we’ve gone back and forth with our immigration lawyers for weeks, so I’m very happy to say that we’ve reached the end of the first phase of our move!

We’re not all the way there yet though, first we have to ensure our VISA is approved. Once we get that far, then things will happen very, very quickly… From a work perspective, I’ve pretty much handed over all my accounts, I’ve been training some new hires over the past 6 weeks or so and they’ve got up to speed very quickly. From a life perspective our “To do” list looks like this: