Well it’s official, I’m in Melbourne! The trip was incredible, given I  think it’s just about the longest trip you could make from anywhere, it  was all very smooth! My first flight from London to Singapore lasted  about 12 hours, but was fantastic. I flew on an A380, so there was  plenty of room and I’m surprised to say, even the food was good! I had a  4 hour layover at Chingai airport, but the place was huge! I spent a  good few hours walking around the shops and even had time for a drink  and a look around the butterfly house!

By the time I’d finished looking around, it was time to board my  final flight to Melbourne. In all, that was also a great flight. It was  fairly empty, so I had the benefit of being able to lie down properly,  which was wonderful!

Finally, at 6am, I landed in Australia! To start with, it didn’t feel  all that different… That said, I hadn’t slept properly for a good  couple of days, so it was definitely quite a lot to take in! Since  landing, I’ve spent a couple of days in the office, I’ve sorted out a  phone, opened a bank account and I’m currently sat in my hotel after  having had breakfast, waiting to go and view a house! I’m looking to  view/apply for as many places as possible, in the hope of having the  best chance of moving in to somewhere fairly quickly, so that when  Charleigh and Ellie come over in July, we’re all set to go!