I’m Going Vegetarian

A little over a year ago now, my fiancée made the switch to a fully vegetarian diet and since then has been creeping across the line of veganism with attempts to remove animal products from her diet entirely.

In that time the food that we’ve eaten as a family has become far more varied than we’d seen in the past, it’s also pushed the majority of what we eat out of the the meat/dairy aisle completely.

Replacing the proteins of our previous recipes with Quorn or eating 100% vegetable based meals has been incredible, and truth be told it has left the kids and I only eating meat with Charleigh is away.

This along with all the other negative aspects of the meat industry, have finally pushed me to becoming vegetarian. I write this, not as a self aggrandising statement, rather, because I think it’s important to document important decisions like this, and I hope that one day I’ll look back at this and feel proud that I made the right choice.