My typical day

I’ve seen a few of these posts doing the rounds recently. It felt like a blog topic from the early days of personal blogging and I couldn’t resist.

06:00 – Wake up, lie in bed and catch up on anything I’ve missed overnight. I’ve written about it a little here already, but I’ve spent a lot of time filtering down my sources of news online. RSS plays a massive role here and I think it works really well.
06:30 – Shower
06:45 – Get dressed, make coffee, feed the cats
07:00 – Take Charleigh coffee in bed, get the kids up and ready (they’re usually up at the same time as me, but getting them started is always a challenge first thing in the morning)
07:30 – Catch up on my emails and get busy working
09:00 – Get the youngest logged in to Teams & Zoom to start his day
09:15 – Daily standup and on with the rest of my day
12:00 – Lunch
16:30 – Generally by about this time I’m done for the day, so I start to wind down and get away from my laptop. If I need to pop out and get stuff for dinner this is the time, usually with an audiobook on the go.
17:30 – Dinner
18:15 – Free time… This could be an audiobook, gaming with the kids, a bit of writing or tidying up around the house. The youngest goes to bed around 7 and the eldest at 8 so it’s just a nice quiet couple of hours to get stuff done before we settle down for the evening.
20:00 – Relaxation & enhancement time. We make a real effort to ensure we get space, both mental and physical so it’s nice to come together in the evening and unwind. Spending time with our flower of choice, Charleigh inevitably gets a foot rub, though we often exchange massages, comfortably sat in front of the big screen. We’re currently watching The Sopranos and Sex and The City back to back, so that fills some time between weekly releases or new films.
22:30 – Generally we’ll be in bed at this point watching something a little more relaxing. I love to watch baking/cooking videos in bed.
00:00 – Sleep