Conservatory Zen

Conservatory Zen

We picked up the keys to our current house on boxing day last year and after a week or so of cleaning, we packed up and moved out of our old house in a single day. We were absolutely sick of the place we were living in - having only moved there as our previous landlord had decided to sell that house.

Our last house was old, in a bad state of repair and led us to feel generally pretty unhappy.

Once we'd finally got in to the new house, everything was so much nicer in comparison - newer kitchen and bathroom furnishing, modern floors and fantastic light in to all the rooms - that we didn't really feel the need to redecorate all that much. A couple of the rooms had wallpaper that wasn't really to our taste, but they came down pretty easily and so after that we pretty much left everything as it was.

The one room in the house that could really have benefit from an update was the conservatory. It has (at some point) fallen foul of the damp outside and ruined some of the paint, and hadn't really been updated since the house was built. Since it was winter when we moved in, we weren't really planning on being out there that much, so left it as it was.

Now we've been here a while and have made use of the space much more, we thought it was finally time to give it a deep clean, a fresh coat of paint, and turn it in to the yoga room.

Super pleased with the colour we chose and really happy with how it turned out!