Creature comforts

Following on from my post about our move to Australia, I thought it would be a good time to write about how I’ve been thinking about moving to other countries in the past and what some of the decisions have been based on. I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly fussy person by nature, it would just appear I’ve developed habits based on requirement.

The first of these creatures comforts (if you like) is food… What is the food going to be like in Australia? I have a couple of allergies (worst being nuts) and so over the years have become fairly fussy about the way I eat. Ive really expanded on that over the past few years and have generally got a lot better. But I feel a slight discontent not knowing what’s coming.

The next thing I’ve really got in to a habit of, is moisturisers. I have rather severe eczema (as you’ll see from a previous post) there are only a hand full of creams I can use and whilst I’ve been able to find one of them on the Internet, I’m not sure if it’ll be the same day to day routine I have over here?

Finally, and this is less of a habit, is clothes! What’s fashion like over? Will we look stereotypically British? Not that I’d mind, but Id hate to not be able to buy the clothes I like? Shoes! Do they stock size 12s?? WHAT ON EARTH WILL I DO?!?