Moving to Australia

Charleigh and I have both been sitting extremely quiet on some big news for a little while now. I recently applied for a new role within my company, in our Melbourne office. For weeks we’ve been waiting and today I was finally told the role was mine! This news is absolutely fantastic for all of us (Charleigh, Ellie and myself). There’s nothing quite like a new start especially when it comes with all the challenges/fun facing us when we land down-under!

The change will be big, bigger than I could perhaps conceive at this point… It means leaving behind everything I’ve known, but brings with it an entirely new set of experiences. Realistically, distance is no longer an obstacle in the world I don’t think. The likes of Skype make staying in contact over long distances easier than making coffee, but to be truthful, I think a larger part of the experience will be building new friendships over there.

There will always be a place in my heart for my closest friends, and this is by no means an attempt at trying to leave them, simply a way to expand on my life experiences and try something very few people are as lucky, or even get the possibility to try.

My line of work will be changing somewhat, I’ll be taking a more managerial role within the company, with a team reporting directly to me, but still working closely with retailers as I have done for most of my working life. That in itself will be a big change, and something I’m really looking forward to conquering!

No doubt over the next weeks and months, more will develop. As it stands, my new role technically begins on April 1st, however, I still have to train my replacement and handover all accounts before the move can officially begin.. We still have VISAs to apply for, houses to look through, bank accounts to open.. Absolutely everything needs to be started from scratch essentially, so there’ll be plenty to talk about!!