My Trip Pack List

My Trip Pack List

As far as everyday use is concerned, I'll still be taking a large portion of my EDC with me, hell, that's the point! That said, there are some things that won't be of much use to me whilst we're away. I would usually be wearing my Moto 360 (I'm still utterly loving it), but given the travel we'll be doing and the amount of other devices I'll have with me, I won't be able to guarantee charging it anyway. So instead I'll be wearing my Daniel Wellington Watch.

I don't plan on having any time for listening to music on my own, so won't be taking my headphones with me. Instead if I manage to catch a spare moment, I'll be taking my Kindle Paperwhite for entertainment. I'm hoping though really, that I won't have any time to read, as we'll be too busy sightseeing. For that, I'm going all out and will be carrying both my Canon 6D and GoPro Hero3+ Silver. I just recently bought a GoPro Clip to try out but will also be catching some footage in the car as we go from Country to Country using the GoPro Suction Cup Mount.

To mitigate any risk of losing SD cards, corrupting backups or harddrives, I'll be taking my Macbook Air 11" with me. That way I can dump all shots from the day and at least try and get them backed up to Dropbox back at the hotel.

On top of all this, I'll also have my Moto X (2014) with me at all times. Thanks to 3's "Feel at Home" plan, my unlimited data is free all across Europe (Actually, it's free in the US and Australia too, so I'm looking forward to more trips to take advantage of that!) That means I'll be able to take advantage of Google Map's when driving and still be able to make smaller updates throughout the day to whichever social network I'm feeling at that particular moment. Likely Twitter, I'm hating everything else it seems recently.

To keep all this safe I'll be using my Incase DSLR Pro Pack. I won't be able to hold my Canon 6D all day, it also means I don't have to risk leaving my laptop/anything else, back at the hotel.

We started a large portion of the packing today - Had to pick up a whole load of baby food, nappies and medical supplies to store in the car and just about got clothes all packed and ready too. My Marcs Austin Overnight Bag is being put to good work there!

You know, I said I make too many lists, I wasn't lying - Here's the list I used to write this short post. A full breakdown of what I'll be taking with me!

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