On moving anywhere

I think it’s worth bearing in mind at the point, that I’ve moved up and down the country countless times, I don’t particularly find moving house difficult by any means. I tend to have a fairly set way of going about moving and that also includes a basic “to do” list to go with it!

  • Check out public transport links for preferred areas
  • Visit said place
  • Make offer to estate agent
  • Flat deposit
  • First months rent
  • Transfer bills to my name
  • Buy any initial household goods (Washing machine, Curtains… All that rubbish)

Whilst somewhat condensed, that’s essentially the process I’ve stuck to when looking for somewhere to live. However, I now have to go through a completely new process. To start with, I have absolutely no knowledge of local areas within Melbourne.

Granted, it’s easy enough to look these things up on the Internet now, but I just don’t find that as good as first hand experience.

The next issue I have, it’s once we’ve found a place we’d like to live, we then need a bank account for a reference etc. and to pay bills! But I cant get a bank account without an address, oh the pain of irony.

Next, we’ll then have to make a move (given we rent unfurnished) to buy everything we’ve ever bought, but this time Australian! I obviously can’t send all my household electronics over, they won’t work and quite frankly it’s a waste of money!

When all this is finished, we’ve got our house, car and we’re all settled.. Then comes the hard part. This is something neither Charleigh or I have done before, but we’ll need to start looking at schools! I can’t imagine it’ll be too difficult, but having never done it before I certainly have slight reservations about the best way to go about it!!

The closer we get to the idea of the move (visa applications and all that), the more I just want it to hurry up. I don’t by any means want to rush through this, I really look forward to all the stuff I’ve just mentioned, I love the challenge! I just want to get out!!