Our VISA application

I’m starting to get slightly irritated with the process of my VISA application…

I was sent through a large portion of the documentation 2 weeks ago. Given they’re after a serious amount of information it’s taking some time for me to get that information together, but was asked by my lawyer to begin sending through what I had so they could begin the application for me. Fast-forward a week later and I receive another mail saying that actually, they can’t begin my application until I fill in two more forms and apply for private health insurance in Australia.

Now, that’s fine – I can deal with the extra paperwork, but I can’t deal with them taking 2 weeks of the 6 I have left before moving, to forget about extra forms they need. It’s kind of irritating, you’d think that an immigration lawyer would have some practise in this and some idea of what work needs to be completed when? I waited for 4 weeks for them to get in touch with me in the first place!