🎉 Thirty One 🎉

Just a short one yesterday, I’ve picked up a cold 🏃‍♂️

Introducing the kids to Twitch

My brother sent me this awesome piece for my birthday, he picked it up in Miami earlier this year.

It’s taken me about 4 months to get everything in place, tomorrow I’m aiming to complete an average workday exclusively on my iPad Pro - wish me luck.

We went shopping for a tent today, the first time the kids have been shopping since we went in to lockdown.

Just browsing through some old photos, we used to get the most incredible storm-filled skies in Melbourne.

Watching Avatar with the boy, it’s his first time seeing it. 🍿

I’m haphazardly having a go at making a plugin for the marfa theme on Micro.blog which allows for changing the accent colour. I’ve got about as far as I can now but seemingly have done something wrong as the additional settings page under Plugins is not appearing. @help

Before the start of lockdown we were debating new colours for the living room walls. It’s a good thing we were lazy and never got round to painting because we’ve changed out minds now and want something completely different.

I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, but the micro.blog iOS app is super sensitive to scrolling. It constantly opens a context menu on an item while I’m still scrolling. It makes the app almost unusable for me. @help

So pleased to be back at the gym, bring on the soreness.

I have to assume that the iPad Pro is probably at the point now where it could potentially support containers or virtualisation? It’d be the perfect solution for me.

Apologies for any spam, the Sunlit beta caused a bit of an issue.


At 8am tomorrow I’ll finally be back in the gym, I cannot wait.

My gym is reopening this weekend and I’ve booked myself in everyday for 2 weeks. Can’t wait to get back there and to get back to my yoga class.

I hurt myself running at the weekend, I think my hard bottomed road shoes are causing me some knee problems, so I’ve opted for the neutral fit today. 🏃‍♂️

I’ve really been longing for a new bike recently, I sold this last year after not riding it for quite a while. 🏍

Another morning riding in the sun.

I took the day off work today. Ive really tried over the last few months trying to find at least one day in the month I can take for for Charleigh and I to do stuff together while the kids are at school. Today we went for a long walk after dropping the kids off, did the gardening, baked some cupcakes and had a really lovely time.

A lovely ride this morning to stretch my legs, I intended to keep it flat but found myself on a 13% incline.

Tumblr on IndieWeb standards

This afternoon I’ve been trying to learn more about the specifications and tools supporting IndieWeb. Looking at how tools like Aperture are trying to normalise content in to a single reader view for interactions with the microsub standard has got me thinking that Automattic’s investment into Matrix and their acquisition of Tumblr likely have a much bigger impact on the decentralised web than I’d really given any thought to.

iOS/iPadOS Public Beta

I spent a few hours last night playing around with the fidgety little changes in iOS14 and think I’ve pretty much got my iPhone where I want it.

The first public beta for iPadOS still has a lot yet to be finished, I haven’t found any major issues or challenges with it yet, but I’ve not really been able to make the most of the new features.

I have absolutely no regrets