Tumblr on IndieWeb standards

This afternoon I’ve been trying to learn more about the specifications and tools supporting IndieWeb. Looking at how tools like Aperture are trying to normalise content in to a single reader view for interactions with the microsub standard has got me thinking that Automattic’s investment into Matrix and their acquisition of Tumblr likely have a much bigger impact on the decentralised web than I’d really given any thought to.

iOS/iPadOS Public Beta

I spent a few hours last night playing around with the fidgety little changes in iOS14 and think I’ve pretty much got my iPhone where I want it.

The first public beta for iPadOS still has a lot yet to be finished, I haven’t found any major issues or challenges with it yet, but I’ve not really been able to make the most of the new features.

I have absolutely no regrets

Here we go!

I’ve been spending some time over the last couple of days to try and learn more about the goals of the Indie Web movement and start getting more actively involved in the community. I’d welcome any advice on how best to be actively useful in this space.

I’ve never needed a haircut more in my life than I do at this present moment.

I’m seeing an issue where plugins are showing up as themes, but causing an error. @help

I had to cut yesterday’s ride short at 50km as I’m still struggling with some pain in my left knee when I load too much pressure on it. Otherwise a lovely ride with a good average speed 🚴‍♂️

Just watched: The King of Staten Island 🍿 I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going in to this, it was Bill Burr that caught my eye. I thought this was great, and real dry style of comedy.

Went for a lovely wander in the woods today.

I made some swirly jammy snacks.

I’ve been having problems with the amount of time I’ve been wearing my AirPods Pro since working from home and for the last week have been favouring my over-ear headphones instead because.

This afternoon while reorganising I found the box my AirPods came in where I remembered they also came with different sized buds.

I have been wearing the wrong size buds since November last year.

Managed to hit my target of 3 runs this week. Today was without doubt the hottest run in a long time. 🏃‍♂️

Lunchtime run with the girl today, much hotter than we thought! 🏃‍♂️

I would love it if Safari on iPadOS got a little more like the MacOS equivalent. It’s so singularly focussed on the active tab rather than any other function.

I wonder if widgets can live on the desktop permanently on Big Sur?

The interface on Big Sur looks like it would support a touch interaction.. A hint of Mac things to come?

I absolutely cannot wait for Foundation, this is one of my favourite series of books

Was that a fitness app on Apple TV integrated with Apple Watch?

I really do love Sign in With Apple, glad it’s being expanded to support migration of existing accounts.

Shortcuts on Apple Watch!

So thankful that AirPods can switch devices now

Recognising the context of handwriting is quite incredible.