I am by no means aiming to write a comparative post, this is not about some situations being more stressful than others, I just feel it would be worth me writing this down.

I’ve written several times in the past about stress, how I deal with it, how I overcome it, but I’ve never really just written down the facts of what I find stressful or what might be causing me problems… Generally I think I appear very level headed with most problems, but I think at times that can be my downfall. Usually when problems arise, they are small and each individually is not that much of an issue, but as they start to build up they definitely get the better of me.

The facts:

  • I have a “maxed out” credit card which an APR so high, I only ever seem to be repaying the same amount and the debt goes nowhere
  • I have a huge over draft, which I pretty much live in
  • I have an extremely stressful job, managing the online retail efforts of 8 large retailers, including helping colleagues with other issues, sometimes working past midnight
  • Christmas is the busiest time for retailers, as such I’m working 11 hour days, just to get my regular work done
  • I’m trying to save up money for a deposit on a house
  • I’m trying to raise my credit score so that I can get said deposit
  • All of these things gradually build up… I’m sure there are a lot more I’ve missed off here, mainly because I’ve attempted to ignore said fact.

    I try my best with the situation I have and OK, maybe it’s not as bad as your situation, or maybe mine could be worse… But there comes a point at which I just think, fuck it. Fuck loans, fuck work, fuck cars, houses, fuck it all. Surely I’d be better off living in a yurt somewhere in the Cotswolds?

    I just refuse to give up.