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  • Trying to improve how I self-organise

    Starting my own personal projects has meant trying to find a different way to manage and prioritise my work, mostly because I’m not constrained in the same way in my own work as I am in my day job. During my day job those constraints tend to be things like time, budget, opportunity cost, corporate relationships and other business-y goals but personally I have the luxury of avoiding almost all of those, which is making it difficult to fit my personal projects in to any of the ways I’m proficient in project management.

  • Yearly Goals: 2021 in Review

    I’m three years in to my now ritual process of planning for the year ahead by setting myself a series of goals to cover broad areas of my life. This year my goal was themed around commitment and those goals were split in to three main areas.

  • Moving on from Fasthosts

    Today is my last day at Fasthosts. I’ve been there as a Product Manager for their server and cloud products for the last 2 years and while I’ve had an amazing time and succeeded in all the ways I intended, it’s time for me to move on to something new.

  • My typical day

    I’ve seen a few of these posts doing the rounds recently. It felt like a blog topic from the early days of personal blogging and I couldn’t resist.

  • Goals for 2021: Commitment

    As I began to think about the goals I wanted to achieve and the way I could go about realising them, I began to pull my ideas together in to something of a theme, shifting away from last year’s structure slightly.

  • Yearly Goals: 2020 in Review

    All things considered 2020 was a year filled with personal successes. This was the first time I’d really set myself a structured set of goals for the year ahead, where previously I’d always been vague or completely brushed off the idea of any kind of New Year’s resolution, I tried to give myself three clear, achievable goals for the year and – technically – I achieved them all.

  • Upgrading my Office Chair

    I’ve seen a few recommendations for this recently as an easy, relatively cheap, super comfortable upgrade to any office chair.

  • Working from Home

    My current working from home setup

  • Pick up the pace

    I’ve really enjoyed my reading challenge so far this year. I flew through my first 3 books in as many weeks, but hit a stumbling block going in to the 4th.

  • On the road again

    I got my driving licence at 18 almost as soon as the DVLA’s scheduling system would allow. I was fortunate enough to have both my parents spend countless hours sitting as my passenger while I drove hundreds (if not thousands) of miles with me on my provisional licence to help build up some real road experience before taking my test, which helped me to pass first time having only had a handful of lessons with an instructor.

  • Family Additions

    It struck me on my way to the office this morning, that it’s been so long since I wrote here regularly, that we’ve had a bit of a change to the shape of our family since I last updated.

  • Yearly Goals

    Taking some inspiration from Derek Muller, CGP Grey & Myke Hurley I’m writing down my goals for 2020 with the hope it’ll increase my chances of actually achieving them. Trying to keep it short and to the point, I’ve got three goals:

  • Conservatory Zen

    We picked up the keys to our current house on boxing day last year and after a week or so of cleaning, we packed up and moved out of our old house in a single day. We were absolutely sick of the place we were living in – having only moved there as our previous […]

  • On my Vegetarianism

    Immediately I put an end to a lifelong habit, encouraging my daughter to do the same. Although it wasn’t easy, after a difficult month or so of explaining the reason why nail biting isn’t a good thing to do, reminding her to stop every time we notice and nagging as things hadn’t changed. We were […]

  • Yoga

    I’ve never, as such, been against yoga – But only very recently have I begun to see the benefits of the discipline. After what amounts to only an hour of total practise, I’ve very quickly changed my opinion and am now looking to make it a part of my everyday routine. Charleigh has helped me […]

  • I’m Going Vegetarian

    A little over a year ago now, my fiancée made the switch to a fully vegetarian diet and since then has been creeping across the line of veganism with attempts to remove animal products from her diet entirely. In that time the food that we’ve eaten as a family has become far more varied than […]

  • Managing my Server

    It’s been a couple of weeks now since I first got FreeNAS up and running on my home server. It wasn’t quite as easy as advertised, I came across a couple of issues (one of which is still unsolved) but for the most part things are now running smoothly. You can read about the build […]

  • Attempting to Set Up FreeNAS

    Backups have always been a double edged sword for me. I either didn’t back up frequently enough, or poorly planned my redundancy. Several times I’ve ended up losing data all together, through my own bad backup habits. A few years ago I’d pretty much resigned myself to pulling a full hard drive backup every couple […]

  • Our Italian Roadtrip

    On the Road Ellie and I left the house at 7am on Friday morning, aiming to be in Lyon for lunchtime the next day to meet Charleigh and Tyler at the airport. We figured it would be best to cut out a large part of the driving for Tyler, since it wouldn’t be fair to […]

  • Prepping for my 2014 PC Build

    I’ve invested pretty heavily in an increasingly slender and lightweight range of Macbooks for a long time now. From the pre-unibody days of the Plastic Macbook to the Haswell based 2013 Macbook Air that I’m running today. They’ve always served me incredibly well, and for the forseeable future will remain my goto; both for work […]

  • I Quit Smoking and Learned a Few Things

    I guess I’m not entirely proud of the fact that I’ve been a smoker for a good long while — 9 years to be exact. For a long time now I’ve wanted to quit, I knew that quitting was the right thing to do, but I somehow always convinced myself that it would be easier to not […]

  • My Battle With Eczema

    I’ve suffered with eczema since birth, I remember from a very young age visiting the doctors and various dermatologists as I was (As you can imagine) fairly self-concious about the way it made me look. Obviously my concerns with this affliction were not all based on my appearance, whilst that was a large factor (Not […]