The desire to travel more

I’ve not really always wanted to travel… Sure, I’ve always enjoyed going new places and as a family when my brother and I were younger, we went plenty of places! Surprisingly the majority of places we went for a long period of time were within the UK! Genuinely, there is so much, so close to home, that no one pays attention to. That said, when I was younger I had a horrible fear of flying, so didn’t have any mad aspirations to travel the world.

When I was 18, that all changed. The job I had at the time afforded me the opportunity to travel for India for some time, for a training course and at that point in time, my eyes were opened. Myself and a colleague spent 2 months in the northern part of India (Shimla, to be precise) and that really changed my opinion of travelling. Since then, I’ve taken every chance I can to go somewhere new and in the last few years I’ve been more places than some people I know have been in their lifetime.

As I’m sure you know by now, the most recent escapade I was afforded was for myself and my family to move to Melbourne, and I am so glad we did. Once we’re finally settled here (We only officially moved in together a few weeks ago, so we have plenty of stuff to get out of the way… Furniture shopping, nurseries, jobs etc), once all that is out of the way I really can’t want to see more of this side of the world. We’re only a few hours away from some of the most beautiful places on earth. Extremely high up the list for me is New Zealand, but as a family, we really want to go to Japan! The list is endless!

Does anyone have an recommendations for specific places to go? Things to see? Is there anything local we should check out?