We're Going on an Adventure!

We're Going on an Adventure!

This year however, things are different. Our tickets are booked, the car is in order, the hotels have been warned - We are coming for you, Italy!

As with a lot of things in my families life, this holiday is going to be a little far left of normal. Whilst we have booked flights and hotels, only half of us will be flying - and we haven't booked one hotel, we've booked six!

We decided when moving back from Australia that we would make the most of the time we have here in the UK and try to travel as much as possible, really taking advantage of everything Europe has to offer. Neither of us has been to Italy before, and both being huge fans of Dan Brown's superlative descriptions of the Country in his amazing series of Robert Langdon novels, we thought that it would be a great place to start.

Given my propensity for driving long distances and eagerness to drive as many miles as possible, Ellie and I will be driving to Lyon, France and meeting Charleigh and Tyler at the airport. We could have driven all together, but with Tyler still being so young, we would likely have had to stop every hour or two for nappy changes and feeding. Whilst it still would have been loads of fun to all travel together, it would have meant our holiday would be cut short before we actually managed to get to Italy. This way round Ellie and I can cover the miles through France and all start our holiday together in the south east of the country, have our fill of croissants and make our way to the Italian border!

To make sure we get the most of Italy whilst we're there, we've put together an itinerary of places we want to visit and solidified all of that with a string of hotel bookings.

Unbeknownst to Ellie, we may be making a slight detour for her - She's absolutely desperate to see the Eiffel Tower and I think it's only fair we break up that long drive from the middle England to Lyon!